Posted: Monday 23rd January 2023

2023 Digital Memberships are now live!

2023 Members can now add their Digital Membership to their phones, making it even easier for entry to The Mend-A-Hose Jungle than ever before!

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Castleford Tigers are thrilled to be partnered with leading digital ticketing company Future Ticketing, and through our new ticketing platform Members have their own private digital account which can be accessed through their phone, much like other digital tickets for such things as concerts or flights.

How do I access and set up my Membership?

The Tigers have this handy video guide to assist supporters, or if you would like to follow a step-by-step guide please scroll past the video.

Step-by-step access/setup guide:

1.     Members will be sent an email from the Tigers to their registered email address, this will be the same email address supporters used when purchasing Memberships.

2.     In the email there will be a link directing fans to our Future Ticketing app page – please click the link.

3.     You will be asked to install this app onto your home screen:
 - for iPhone users click the ‘Share’ button and then choose ‘Add to Home Screen’
 - for Android users click the three dots and select ‘Install to Home Screen’

4.     Once the app is on your home screen, open it.

5.     If you are setting up your account for the first time:
 - open the app and create your password, you do this by clicking on ‘Forgot Credentials’
 - enter the email address that is registered with the Club
 - open the email you will be sent to reset your password and then create your password
 - log in to the app with your email address and new password.

6.     If your account is already set up, simply log in and you’re set!

7.     Once logged in you can see and display your Membership QR code for matchday entry at The Mend-A-Hose Jungle.

What do I need to do on matchdays?

Log into the ticketing app from your home screen and view your Membership, this opens your personal QR code to be scanned for entry. It is that simple.

I have more than one Membership on my account. Can I transfer the other Memberships to those Members?

Yes, you can send or transfer a Membership to another email address. Click on your tickets and choose the Membership you wish to send and select the ‘Family’ or ‘Friend’ option. That person will be sent a link to create their own account and once they have, their Membership will be transferred from your account to theirs.

*IMPORTANT* Please note when permanently transferring a Membership, it will remove the ticket from your account, and you will be unable to access it again unless the person you shared it with shares it back with you.

What if I can’t attend a game? Can I share my Membership with someone else for that match?

Yes, you can! Here is our explainer video to show you how – CLICK HERE.

Members can temporarily share their Membership with another person through Future Ticketing and the Tigers’ app. On the ticket transfer page please enter the person’s details and choose the ‘Once-Off’ option. That person will be sent details on how to claim your Membership for the upcoming fixture. You can take your ticket back when you wish up until the point of acceptance by the person receiving the transfer.

What does my Membership entitle me to?

Your Membership is the most cost-effective way to watch all of Castleford Tigers' matches played at The Mend-A-Hose Jungle in 2023. Supporters can see our First Team, Reserves, Women's, Academy, and Scholarship home fixtures at Wheldon Road. Furthermore, you will have benefits such as access to our Members Team Runs (New for 2023), 50% off Magic Weekend tickets through the club, plus 10% off Tigers retail in-store at The Tigers Den in Carlton Lanes Shopping Centre.

Why have the Tigers changed to Digital Memberships?

Tickets and access to the Tigers’ matches at The Mend-A-Hose Jungle will be made easier than ever before through Digital Memberships and tickets, with reduced queue times. It also ensures more safe and secure entry with your orders securely stored in your own private account and accessed through your phone with contactless entry. Furthermore, it is reducing the Club’s paper waste, making our business more environmentally friendly.

What are the Terms & Conditions of Membership?

Supporters can view our 2023 Memberships Terms & Conditions by clicking HERE.

Can I still get a physical Membership or match ticket?

Whilst we would prefer supporters use our digital system, supporters who do not have access to a compatible phone for our new Digital Memberships or tickets can contact our Ticket Office who can assist in a physical ticket or Members card.

I’m having issues with the app or my account, what do I do?

Please check you are entering the correct details you used when purchasing Memberships, if you are still encountering issues then please contact the Tigers Ticket Office through email or call during opening hours on 01977 529 264.