Tigers' Club Doctor joins RLWC team!

Posted: Thursday 18th March 2021 - 6:50 PM

Raynor will be working with Simon Perrit, St Helens’ Club Doctor, to oversee medical provisions for the entire tournament which is not made up of just the men’s competition, but also the women’s and wheelchair too!

Speaking about his delight at joining the Rugby League World Cup 2021 team, Raynor said:

I remembered talking in the interview and why I wanted the role, I just wanted to do anything really to be involved in the World Cup! I already bought my tickets to go and watch a bunch of the games anyway because I was just happy to go and see it!

“I’m quite proud to have the opportunity to work hard and make it, in my small way, as successful as it can be.

“The World Cup team so far, I have only just joined the team but the work that they have done, you get a sense of how passionate they are to make it a huge success. I think a lot of tickets already sold have gone to first-time rugby league fans, so I think it will be a brilliant event to hopefully grow the sport nationally and internationally.”

For more information about the Rugby League World Cup 2021, head over to rlwc2021.com

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