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Posted: Thursday 11th February 2021 - 4:00 PM

Leanne Pease is holding a prize raffle for Ronald McDonald House Charities, a charity very close to her family’s heart as you can read below. For every £5 donated you will be entered into a prize raffle and the prizes are:

  • Hospitality for four people to a chosen Castleford Tigers match (when COVID-19 guidelines allow)
  • X1 signed 2021 Castleford Tigers shirt
  • A number of signed Castleford Tigers bobble hats
  • X1 signed Leeds Rhinos Challenge Cup 2020 shirt

To enter, donate to Leanne’s Just Giving page here.

Leanne Pease contacted the Tigers to share her daughter’s story in the hopes of spreading her fundraising raffle for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Leanne’s daughter Lilah Rae was born in a Castleford fan in August 2018 and joined an avid family of Tigers supporters. Her great-grandparents helped to run the supporters’ club during the 1980s and furthermore her grandfather Chris was one of the club’s earliest ambassadors, regularly organizing busses to away fixtures. Lilah Rae continued the family’s loyal support by attending her first ever Castleford match aged just 10 days old!

Shortly after attending nursery in October 2019 Lilah Rae had an allergic reaction and was admitted to Sheffield Children’s Hospital for an allergy test to determine what it was that she was allergic to. The allergy consultant asked several questions as it appeared that Lilah Rae’s head was abnormally shaped before being confirmed she was allergic to spirit vinegar, which appears in most sauces but could be controlled with antihistamines.

Lilah Rae visited a paediatric bone specialist in January 2020, undergoing several tests such as a MRI, blood test, development observations and a small procedure to monitor pressure inside the head. The conclusion was that Lilah Rae had Sagittal Craniosynostosis, this is when certain bones in the skull fuse together prematurely and if not actioned this can cause seizures and problems later in life.

A referral was made to specialist craniofacial surgeons in Oxford and Lilah Rae attended Oxford John Ratcliffe Hospital in August 2020 in the middle of the pandemic to discuss what action could be taken. The difficult option of surgery was chosen by the family so Lilah Rae would join the waiting list for surgery.

The family was informed that surgery would happen on 31st December 2020 and that Lilah Rae would be required to stay in hospital for three days prior and up to seven days after, dependent on recovery. The family was concerned about where they would stay and how COVID-19 would impact this but after a call from Ronald McDonald House in Oxford their worries were eased, and they were accommodated a room to stay in for the length of Lilah Rae’s hospital stay and would be on hand for support if needed. All they asked for was a £30 deposit which was refunded upon leaving the key card to the room. Ronald McDonald House could not do enough for the family, with COVID-19 safe policies in place, every need or question was met.

On Thursday, 31st December, Lilah Rae went for surgery at 8.30am with her parents being told that the operation would take as long as was needed. Returning to Ronald McDonald House, staff were on hand to offer support and at 4.30pm they were called to say Lilah Rae was doing well and that the surgery was a success. Lilah continued to improve over the coming days and Ronald McDonald House continued their fantastic help before she was discharged on Monday, 4th January 2021.

As a family, they are grateful for all the support shown by the Ronald McDonald House Charities and would like to help raise donations and their profile through this prize raffle.

To enter, donate to Leanne’s Just Giving page here. Any donations are welcome and for every £5 given you will be entered into a prize raffle.


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