Terrific Tigers items up for bid

Posted: Thursday 14th January 2021 - 8:00 AM

The auctions for the items listed below end on Saturday, 23rd January 2021. Place your bids HERE.

  • James Clare 2020 Home player's shirt
  • Brad Graham 2020 Home player's shirt
  • Lewis Peachey 2020 Away player's shirt
  • Adam Milner 2020 Away player's shirt
  • Tyla Hepi 2020 Away player's shirt
  • Gareth O'Brien 2020 Away player's shirt
  • Alex Foster 2019 Away player's shirt
  • Will Maher 2018 Away player's shirt

Head to Castleford Tigers' official eBay account to check out all the auctions and place your bids.

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