Working Through Corona - with Amie Backhouse

Posted: Saturday 9th May 2020 - 9:01 PM

Despite signing on almost one and a half years ago, Amie hasn't been able to feature in a competitive game due to injury worries and a long ACL reconstruction surgery. Just as the player was returning to full fitness ahead of the 2020 campaign, the world of sport came to a standstill due to the ongoing pandemic. 

"I was out last year and the year before because of my injury and my operation," said Backhouse. "I was feeling good, fitness wise, and then this happened. I just thought, 'that’s typical'. But I’ve already waited over a year to get back so I’m willing to wait those few extra months."

With rugby placed on the shelf for the time being, the 28-year-old has been busy working. She said: "I’m a section planner at Network Rail and that involves planning and delivering maintenance work for the track to enable the passenger trains and the freight trains to keep running."

When jokingly asked whether she is the one responsible for the regular train delays which took place before the pandemic, she answered: "Everyone thinks that! When you say you work for Network Rail they’re like ‘ah, the train timetables are crap’ but we’ve got nothing to do with that. We maintain the track.

"I’m working from home," the player continues. "I’ve split my day up so I’m logging on in the morning and then when Ellis (her son) goes to bed I log back in at night and catch up on what I need to do. On Sunday’s I go into the office and tie everything up. I’m pretty much on hand all day. If anything comes in that’s urgent and needs doing than I’m available."

Just like the majority of key workers, Amie also has to think about safety while working in the office. She said: "We are office based but the workers are out on the track. Normally, there's no one in the office but obviously if there is someone in, we’re doing the social distancing and there’s hand gel dotted about."

During this period of lockdown, players have to train by themselves. This also applies to Amie who is continuing her training whenever possible. She said: "We get set runs to do from the coaching staff and I’m quite lucky that I’ve got a field at the back of my house. That’s where I’m doing my runs. The big runs, the 5k’s ect, I’m doing them on Sunday’s. The zoom team sessions fit around me well as I work from home anyway. It’s pretty hectic but it’s a good hectic. It keeps me on my toes, I don’t like to be bored, I like to keep busy."

Training alone is certainly not the same however, Amie is glad the team stay in close contact. She said: "We’ve all been keeping in touch through WhattsApp, setting different running times, competing against ourselves. The frustration that we’re all feeling is that we had a good pre-season and we were raring to go. We need to maintain that to be successful. I’m sure when we get back, we will be raring to go again."

It is still unclear when the 2020 campaign will get underway however, we will update fans via our social media channels when there is more information.

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