Quickfire Q&A: Danny Richardson

Posted: Wednesday 29th April 2020 - 8:00 AM

Q. How will you keep yourself occupied at home?

Probably playing loads of Call of Duty and making starting 11’s out of home essentials 😂

Q. What TV series or films are you watching and what would recommend watching?

At the minute I’m currently looking for a series to start watching because I’ve watched every crime/action series on Netflix 😫 I would recommend Narcos, and then Narcos Mexico once you finish Narcos.

Q. Favourite TV show ever?

Probably The Chase, don’t even know why but I just love watching it!

Q. Favourite film and why?

Shooter with Mark Wahlberg, it’s got everything you want in an action film.

Q. Favourite game of all time?

Grand Theft Auto

Q. Favourite game at the moment?

Call of Duty WarZone

Q. Your own 2020 season up to the suspension, how do you think you’ve gone?

I feel like I’ve gone quite well, I’ve got a few assists and a try and I also feel like I was getting my confidence back game by game.

Q. What aims have you got when the season is back underway?

To win the Challenge Cup and the Grand Final.

Q. Best try you’ve scored?

Probably a try I got against Huddersfield for Saints.

Q. Best kit you’ve played in?

England kit.

Q. Least favourite drill at training?

Anything to do with conditioning 😂

Q. If you had to be stuck on an island with a teammate, who would you pick and why?

Grant Millington because he just seems to know everything and know how to do everything, so I reckon we’d go alright. Probably the perks of being a dad!

Q. Best/favourite moment of your career so far?

The kick after the whistle against Warrington for St. Helens, closely followed by the win against Saints last time out 🤪

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