The 2.6 Challenge for RL Charities!

Posted: Sunday 26th April 2020 - 3:50 PM

Professional clubs’ charitable foundations such as Castleford Tigers Foundation continue to deliver vital services and support communities during these difficult times which also mean charities are being starved of funds to keep them going.

To counter this impact of the coronavirus pandemic the 2.6 Challenge has been created with the aim to raise vital funds for the UK’s charities at a time when vulnerable members of society need them most. This means WE NEED YOU to be a part of our team with Rugby League Cares!


The 2.6 Challenge is for people of all ages, abilities and interests, just get thinking of an activity you can do based around the numbers 26, 2, 6 or 2.6. How about completing 26 press-ups or running 2.6km or maybe 6 miles? It is all up to you!

  • Set up a Just Giving page for your activity and set your chosen charity as Rugby League Cares.
  • Get friends and family to sponsor.
  • Take on your challenge and have fun!


  1. Take an egg, still in its shell!
  2. Two people socially distanced at 2m apart.
  3. The two players must make two sets of six catches with the egg, alternate hands for each set.
  4. Between the sets of six, players must do a press-up.
  5. Once completed, nominate five others to part in the challenge.
  6. Make a donation to Rugby League Cares via the 2.6 Challenge Just Giving Page!

If doing a 2.6 Challenge is not for you then maybe you could donate £26 or any amount instead to someone who has taken on their own 2.6 Challenge!

Castleford Tigers and its Foundation would love to see all your efforts with videos and photos shared by using the hashtag #TwoPointSixChallenge. Best of luck and be sure to tag @CTRLFC or @CTRLFoundation when you share your efforts!

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