Tigresses take over Yorkshire Dales for pre-season camp!

Posted: Monday 10th February 2020 - 1:44 PM

By Andrea Mena

The two days were jam packed with activities to help player’s old and new bond ahead of the 2020 Super League season.

The team arrived late on Friday evening, with the only place to get signal being on top of a steep hill surrounded by sheep. This meant communicating to the outside world during the weekend would be near impossible, making it a great opportunity to spend time with teammates.

Assistant coach Callum Windley explained what the next few days would entail for the Tigresses: “There’s going to be a lot of team bonding, a lot of working together and problem solving. Also a bit of fitness thrown in there, as well as some skills.”

Not being able to check Instagram or Facebook didn’t seem to phase the Tigresses as many laughs were made in the games room – where, may we add, it seemed that no one could beat Kelsey Gentles or Sinead Peach at a game of table tennis.

On Saturday morning the Tigresses were up before sunset ready and raring to go to complete their first challenge of the day. The team where split into two groups and had to collect a variety of objects from different locations. The winning team were the first to make it up a hill where the coaching staff were waiting.

The players regrouped back at the lodge to have breakfast and then it was time for a two-hour training session with a picturesque view. However, there was no time to admire the surroundings as Lindsay Anfield – alongside assistant coaches Maz, Callum and Ryan - put the girls through their paces in a high intensity training session.

In the afternoon it was time for the third annual Tiger Olympics! The girls split into their four groups with each being tasked to dress as either princesses, doctors, animals or grannies. The Tigresses had a great time playing football as well as completing team obstacle courses. This was followed by an hour challenge which involved getting members of public to sing Sweet Caroline and forming a human triangle.

Sammy Watts elaborates: “We’ve been in the river; we’ve been taking selfies with sheep. We have been moving round in groups, but the groups have changed quite frequently so it makes sure everyone’s working with everyone which helps create a team bond.”

After dinner the Tigresses were quizzed on their Super League knowledge as well as facts about teammates to end what had been a busy but memorable day.

Storm Ciara arrived in the UK on Sunday morning making the Dales heavily flooded meaning the weekend had to be cut slightly short. Despite the weather it was a fantastic trip enjoyed by all with plenty of smiles all round.

The Tigresses would like to say a massive thank you to the Castleford Tigers Supporters Club for funding the weekend. It was a great few days which really helped the girls gear up for the new season which kicks off at the end of March.

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