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2020 Season Ticket Terms & Conditions

Castleford Tigers 2020 Season Tickets

Terms & Conditions

1. 2020 Castleford Tigers Season Ticket holders will be admitted to all 2020 Super League regular season home league matches and all regular season home games for the women’s team, reserves, under-18s and under-16s. Please note this is only guaranteed for matches played at the Mend-A-Hose Jungle, the decision whether to accept admittance at other venues is solely at the host venue’s discretion. The club will endeavour to host as many women’s, reserves, under-18s and under-16s matches at the Mend-A-Hose Jungle as possible. Excludes Coral Challenge Cup matches and Super League play offs.

2. You must bring your Season Ticket Card to every match to be granted access to The Mend-A-Hose Jungle.

3. If your Season Ticket card is lost or destroyed you must report this to the Stadium Ticket Office Manager on 01977 529264, a new card will be allocated at a cost of £15.

4. Castleford Tigers hold the right to refuse a replacement Season Ticket at their discretion.

5. A Season Ticket is only valid in its original form. No copies, printed or photographic versions of the card will be accepted.

6. Season Tickets are non-transferable, and proof of ID & age may be asked for. Random checks do take place at all home games so please ensure you carry appropriate ID.

7. Dates and times for the kick-off of each match will be announced by the club via its website, press releases, social media and in the monthly magazine. Dates and kick-off times may be subject to change.

8. If the named holder of the Season Ticket card is a student, they will be required to show a valid student ID card upon purchase of the Season Ticket, and also on entry to the stadium for each match.

9. Castleford Tigers reserves the right to refuse entry.

10. The Season Ticket card must be produced on demand and must be available for inspection at all matches where it has been used to gain admission to The Mend-A-Hose Jungle.

11. All Castleford Tigers Season Ticket holders agree to abide by the ground regulations. Any holder found guilty of breaking the ground regulations or acting in a manner the club considers to be detrimental to the club’s interest will have their Season Ticket confiscated and be banned from attending future games involving Castleford Tigers. No refunds will be issued.

12. Any change of address or personal details should be notified by contacting Castleford Tigers on 01977 529264 or by emailing info@castigers.com

13. Season Tickets paid for by Direct Debit may be suspended if any repayments are missed, and entry to the Mend-A-Hose Jungle denied. There will be a reactivation charge of £5.