DOB: 18/10/2007

Amateur club: Kippax Welfare

Rugby league has always been a part of my life; it allows me to stay active, have fun and socialise while giving me a sense of ambition and determination.

Greg Eden is both my favourite player and someone who I would be looking to learn from, this is because I love the way he scores tries and his advanced skill set or Trevor Dale ( my grandad who used to play for Castleford Tigers).

I bring a strong, reliable defence while being a threat to many up the field: particularly in dangerous space I have the ability to score and finish tries.

Winning the Barla Suplementary Cup was my best moment on the pitch. It was a game at Featherstone pre-covid where the ball went out over the fence and I tapped 20 for a full length try.

Outside of rugby I like to spend time with friends or go to the gym.


Fullback/ centre


Gough & Kelly

Photo courtesy of SWPix.