Introducing: Tigers’ Mac & Cheese!

Posted: Thursday 1st April 2021 - 8:00 AM

Not only are the Tigers providing Classy Cas rugby on the field, but the club is now going to provide tasty, nutritious food off it too.

Thorough testing and methodical research in the kitchen involving numerous mullet-covering hairnets in the case of Blair, has helped to deliver the perfect snack that’s sure to be a knockout hit for the Fords’ faithful.

Speaking at the launch of the new, innovative macaroni and cheese product, Cheyse Blair said it was inevitable due to the pair’s business acumen.

“It was obvious really because he’s Macca… or Mac, I’m Cheyse… also known as Cheese… Together you get magic. With me moving into the second-row for 2021 we’ve had more time together recently to think about our future and I just think we could take the food industry by storm.

“Macca’s obviously super busy with Man of Steel stuff… but I know he’s fully on board with it and he’s just like me, he can’t wait to get it sorted and the boys have been really supportive!”

McShane declined to comment.

Noted Castleford-based food critic Michel Morgàn got to sample the dish as a preview and on its quality, he simply had this to say: “Je ne peux pas parler!”

Supporters wanting to pre-order this bold new snack from are urged to first check today's date. Did we fool you?

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