Catch up with Matt Crowther

Posted: Tuesday 9th February 2021 - 4:00 PM

It’s Week Six of the 2021 pre-season with a further six more to come until the commencement of the new Betfred Super League campaign. Regardless of it being a later than usual prep period for clubs, and the difficulties presented by the cold weather, Castleford have been continuing to work hard.

Matt Crowther, Head Physiotherapist at Castleford Tigers, has been pleased with what he has seen so far and the positive signs going forward.

“It’s been very good; it’s picking up in intensity and the boys are looking in really good shape!” said Crowther.

There has been an emphasis this pre-season on aiming to keep the Tigers players on the field week in and week out, which has seen a few new procedures introduced by the coaching staff.

“We have put a few more things into place, obviously it’s been tough with COVID as well, but we have added more protocols in place to try and reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries which we have found over the years, whether it’s training surface or the intensity of training too soon.

“So, we have put a few protocols in place, and they are working so far, the first four weeks specifically was aimed at building a tolerance and durability to the training load, which has upped, and the intensity is up already and we’re finding that’s working well so far.”

Crowther also provided a small injury update and began with positive news about the 2020 Man of Steel, Paul McShane who had some work done on his shoulder during the off-season.

“From day one Paul’s rehab has gone really great, he is back in full training, ultimate professional and he’s been terrific throughout his rehab and back into everything.”

Meanwhile, James Clare is set to miss the opening stages of the Super League season following surgery on his knee.

“Unfortunately for Sticks he picked up a knee injury towards the back end of last season which we thought was just an irritation in the knee, but it turned out to be a meniscus injury which needed fixing and repairing.

“He had that done to his joint line and that will keep him out for three to four months from surgery which he had the first week in January, unfortunately, it means he will miss the start of the season, but he will be available not long after that. Recovery is going really well; his rehab has gone really well being in a brace for six weeks before getting back into training.

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