Powell: Tigers "Working tooth and nail"

Posted: Sunday 11th October 2020 - 8:00 AM

This article is taken from Daryl's own column in the October edition of our monthly club magazine ROAR, which you can read in full for free by visiting castlefordtigers.com/ROAR.

We’re doing it tough at the minute and we are trying to stay positive in challenging times, it’s been pretty frustrating for us all and we’ve been losing games by small margins, coming close but not getting the win we desire. It’s hard trying to work our way through a difficult situation with luck perhaps not on our side either.

As a team, we are trying our best to piece together a game that is closer to what we want and that is more like us for a consistent and sustained period to pick up results. Every week is an important game and we clearly want to win, there are positives for us to take forward and we always look for those positives out of every situation.

The very last thing I want from anyone in our organization is that they give up, if they give up they should not be here and I’d make that clear to everyone at the club at the moment. We are not here to be giving up on any situation and every game plays a part in our development, as a person, as a player and as a whole - the organization. It’s about us collectively working tooth and nail all the way through the season, we won’t be giving up on anything.

It’s not a question of effort - as they always do our boys are working hard and giving everything they’ve got to come up with a performance to try get the result and do a great job for us. I cannot fault the commitment of the players.

We’ve got a couple of young boys who are really coming forward and that’s a huge positive to take as we go on such as Jacques O’Neill and Lewis Peachey to name two. I’ve found myself looking forward to seeing them play in and around the tough situation we are faced with at the moment and it will really benefit us in the future.

I’ve never been a great loser to be honest, it always impacts on a coach when you’re losing games but it’s tough for everyone in the current climate we all find ourselves in, but we’ve got to get through to the other side where something will have grown because of what we’ve gone through this year.

As ever thank you for your support, stay safe and take care.


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