Morgy: Richardson oozes confidence

Posted: Tuesday 18th August 2020 - 10:00 AM

This has been taken from the August edition of Castleford Tigers' monthly magazine ROAR which you can read for free at

Hi Cas fans!

At last, some light at the end of the tunnel with rugby league starting again, albeit in August just like the old days and everyone’s raring to go. Except for Toronto…

I know the players will be itching to get back out there, it’ll be like two pre-seasons in one. I have said many times that a good start is the key to your good season so the fittest will generally be the best.

I said in the magazine notes prior to the first game of the season that confidence has a big part to play in the way you perform, the new recruits will now know what is expected of them and one player I’m really excited about watching again is Danny Richardson. I was taught early on in my playing career that confidence is a vital ingredient to playing and this kid oozes it. Looking back to when I first started there was the likes of Alex Murphy and Roger Millward who were full of it and I see Richardson in that mold, and I’m a big believer that the coaches have a big part to play with instilling the players with confidence. We are lucky at Cas to have three ex-international halfbacks ready to pass that on!

I remember a game back in the day in Wakefield we were entertaining Bradford, a match we would win 49 times out of 50, two minutes to go though we were getting beat. When we scored with Terry Crook our centre and goal kicker had the task of adding on the extras, it was a very kickable goal about halfway in from the sticks and touchline. Now, if Terry lacked one thing it was confidence, I noticed he was shaking like a s******g greyhound and being the skipper, I took to have a word with him. ‘Listen Terry, you can’t lose this game if you miss the kick you only confirm what is on the scoreboard but you can win it’, from that point he settled down and kicked the goal.

Finally, one of my first games for Wakefield Trinity was on the wing versus Wigan and I was up against the legendary Billy Boston, Ken Traill who was coach didn’t fill me in on Boston during the week so I did my own homework. 6ft 4’, 16 stone 10 pounds, could do 10.5 seconds in the 100 yards and sidestep with adept ability. I remember before kickoff Ken approached and said, ‘Now then young un’ this Billy Boston’, I said ‘Aye he’s not bad is he?’. He went ‘Some advice young un’ - if he comes off his left peg keep your line and we’ll get him if he comes off his right peg get your shoulder into him and take him into touch – any questions?’. ‘Aye Ken, what if he runs straight at me?’ and he says, ‘In that case young un’ throw some s*** in his face!’. ‘Where will I get that wrong Ken?!’ ‘Don’t worry son there’ll be some there’… he was right.

All the best and stay safe!


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