CTSC 2020 Membership Launched

Posted: Saturday 14th December 2019 - 5:00 PM

First established in 2004, Castleford Tigers Supporters Club (CTSC) looked to build a stronger relationship with Castleford Tigers RLFC and its supporters to assist in revenue raising ventures for the club, and oh boy have they ever! A key method how CTSC raises funds is through yearly membership, which then grants that person access to exclusive events throughout the year. On Tuesday, 10th December 2019, the Supporters Club launched their 2020 membership and were joined by Castleford Tigers players from the First Team, Women, LDRL & PDRL sides, which encouraged a good turnout as CTSC Chairman Derek Whale discusses.

“This is a perfect start to our membership year, having players from various teams makes a change and we’ll be hoping to target our donations helping the LDRL team for example but we will start help the First Team as we always have done in the past. Being able to spread our help around a bit more will feed into the #ONECLUB mentality. Personally, I attend as much as I can regardless of whichever side it is, they’re all Castleford Tigers.”

The players that went along were: Junior Moors, Cheyse Blair, Lewis Peachey, Sammy Watts, Rhiannon Marshall, Mickey Corbett, Stephen Joynson, Mike McGann & Dave Palmer. A 2020 Castleford Tigers Season Ticket will grant a supporter access to five Cas teams at The Jungle, and the #ONECLUB motto is being fully embraced by the Supporters Club. Secretary for CTSC, Paul Burns-Williamson was delighted with the launch night turnout and comments on how the Tigers’ turn in fortunes over the years has changed the donations they give.

“I am so happy with the turnout for the first night and getting a number of people signed up which is what it’s all about. Having several Tigers players from the different teams like the Women’s team and the PDRL is promoting that we in the Supporters Club are backing the club’s #ONECLUB motto, we’re fully behind it.

“When we first started the Tigers were in a completely different position than the one, they are now, the money we’ve raised had in the past been very important. Now with the club being in a slightly better financial position we can donate to different sections of the Tigers; from that point of view we do hope we help the club as a whole.

"We’re probably nearer the 90 thousand mark now as the Supporters Club will be giving a donation shortly to both the LDRL and PDRL sides, it’s a target for us to reach £100,000 raised and we will be pushing very hard towards it."

The person who will know when the Castleford Tigers Supporters Club has crossed the £100k mark will be Christine Taylor, CTSC Treasurer, who is pleased that they get to literally see where the money is being spent at the Tigers.

“The more we raise, the more we can give to Castleford Tigers. It’s all voluntary, there is only six of us on the committee so at times it can be all hands to the pump, but we’ve got terrific support within the Supporters Club.

“We need supporters to get behind us, last year we launched a Gold Membership costing £15 for the year and gives fans a bit of exclusive merchandise and when you put what else you get for your membership, it’s a relatively small amount but it can make a make a difference to all of our teams at Castleford now. The cash we give might mean that the First Team can get a better specification of something. We always buy something for the Tigers, we don’t just give the money which allows us as an organization to see something tangible that goes to helping the club.

“In our constitution it’s all about player development so it covers all the teams from the Academy and Scholarship upwards for example, so we try to cover everybody. We’re so glad to have players come for the launch from all the sides at Cas, including players from the LDRL side who have been Supporters Club members for several years.”

Everyone at Castleford Tigers would like to once again thank the Supporters Club for all their help and we wish them the very best of luck for 2020, let’s smash that £100k target!

If you would like to sign up with Castleford Tigers Supporters Club, or find out more information head to: http://www.ctsc.org.uk/

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