Castleford Immortals Announced

Posted: Monday 16th September 2019 - 10:46 AM

To close Castleford Tigers’ annual Player of the Year Awards, Director of Rugby Jon Wells took to the stage to discuss the club’s intention to credit the very best players who have graced the field for Castleford since its inception in 1926, tying the achievements of our greatest ever players to the current ones who play today.

This is to recognise the very best men whose names are synonymous with the club, who through their actions and conduct etched themselves into the very foundations of Castleford rugby league. These players will be recognised and going forward they will be known as: Castleford Immortals.

Five men make up the Foundation Castleford Immortals and they are truly five of the very best to ever play for Cas. Those men are:

Arthur Atkinson

Alan Hardisty

Keith Hepworth

Malcom Reilly

John Joyner

Each year at our annual award evening two more Immortals will be added to join our current five and together the group of Castleford Immortals will make their choice for the best player at the Tigers in that year. Whoever the Immortals choose will receive the highly prestigious Immortals Award.

2019’s Player of the Year Awards ended with Alan Hardisty, John Joyner and Keith Hepworth discussing being inducted into the Immortals group and their thoughts on the new award.

After an outstanding season, the inaugural Immortals Award went to Liam Watts, who also claimed both the Players’ Player & Player of the Year Awards on the night.

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