Getting to know Georgie Hetherington

Posted: Thursday 5th September 2019 - 12:43 PM

Georgie Hetherington is known to most as a key first team player for Castleford Tigers Women. However, the ‘Tigress’ is also now working on a ‘rugby league first’ to help produce the next generation of female players. 

She said: “Since I started I’ve been supporting the administration for the foundation, liaising with schools and getting involved with the large number of projects that we’re already delivering. I’ve also had the opportunity to launch my own new project which is hugely exciting and we’re the first club to do so.

“We’ve worked on the success of the ETP (England Talent Pathway) which has been in motion previously and remodelled it and launched the Castleford Tigers Women’s Talent Pathway to help increase the number of girls and women playing the game. 

“We’ve already had some good success. Over 80 girls are registered from a standing start and we’re ready to launch the programme in October.”

Hetherington suffered a bad arm break early on this season and has been out of action for a number of months. With the player expected to be on the side lines until next season, she has been busy coaching and is encouraging other players to do the same. 

She continues: “I’m also branching out into schools and coaching myself as well as being office based some of the week. 

“The club is eager to get more of our girls involved right across the county and get more of them through the coaching courses. We’re offering all community clubs involved with the programme the chance to obtain RFL Level 2 Coaching badges which will effectively set a ‘gold standard’ and support those clubs in growing their own numbers and success. Women’s rugby league is in a good place at the moment and we need to strike while the iron is hot and support them as a club.”

Hetherington continued: “We started off with some taster sessions for all age groups. I wanted to see what interest the girls have and what their skill and ability is like. Also what their passion and commitment is like. In every instance it has been outstanding and the mindsets we wish to encourage and tease out.

“We’re all very happy with the amount of girls that turned out. It’s probably come on the back of the success that the Tigresses have had in this 2019 season. 

“It’s all brilliant and building towards a bright future for Castleford Tigers Women as well. We’re due to launch the pathway official training dates in October.”

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