Lewis Carr reflects on comeback win over Bradford

Posted: Friday 2nd August 2019 - 3:44 AM

What’s more, it was his try that put the under 19s ahead for the first time in the game – a lead which they would not relinquish. 

Speaking after the game, Carr said: “I thought we came out and it was a middles game, it was set to set. We conceded a try in first 20 and then after that we really got into the game. We came battling back strong and we exchanged tries with Bradford just before half time.

“We then came out second half and it was like turning a switch, it was unreal. We came out and we were class. Our forwards stepped up and our backs came in to help the forward out. We gained good yards and we were constantly in good ball. We just had them on the back foot all second half.”

Castleford had to produce a comeback after going into the break 12-10 down. Despite this, the team wasn’t downhearted during the interval according to Carr who added: “I don’t think we were too disappointed when we were down at half time because we knew that we were on top of the game. 

“I think we all expected to be on the front foot in the second half. That first 20 minutes they were class but after that they didn’t have much else to show.”

It’s been a tough season with injuries for Tony Smith’s side. Nevertheless, the Tigers will be looking for a strong performance against top of the table Wigan Warriors. 

Carr said: “It’s been a tough year for the boys with injuries. Again we were down to our last 17. But we're battling through and we’re bringing out good performances just like today against a tough Bradford side. Hopefully it will be the same at Wigan next week.”

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