Adam Hills wants PDRL World Cup

Posted: Tuesday 16th July 2019 - 12:00 AM

Speaking after the event, Hills admitted that he has made it his mission to make sure that a PDRL World Cup does take place.

He said: “I’ve decided that my thing is to make sure that a PDRL World Cup happens in 2021. There’s talk about it but we need funding in Australia, infrastructure in Australia.

“The English team is going to be red hot, I can tell you that right now. Hopefully there will be a New Zealand team and an Australian team.

The host of Channel 4’s Last Leg also revealed that progression of PDRL has so far followed his expectations.

Hills added: “I remember doing the first ever run at the Halliwell Jones and saying in an interview ‘if we can get a couple more teams doing this, then maybe a World Club Challenge, a proper league next year and a World Cup in 2021, that would be amazing’. So far, it’s all on track for that to happen.”

The sport was on show at the Jungle last Sunday with the Castleford Tigers side enjoying a comprehensive 52-6 win over Wigan before losing 18-12 to league leaders Wakefield Trinity.

Adam Hills’ Warrington meanwhile, followed up their win over Leeds Rhinos with a similarly impressive 18-6 win over Wigan.

Speaking about the sport in more depth, Hills said: “Every person that plays PDRL either thought they would never get an opportunity to play rugby league or, played RL but thought that it was over and they could never do it again.

“You’ve got people turning up saying they always wanted to play the sport but they didn’t know it was available to them. Or, people who lost a big part of their lives when they lost a limb.

“A lot of these guys, when they had an amputation, they didn’t go anywhere near a rugby pitch because they didn’t want to be reminded of what they lost. They didn’t lose just a limb but also rugby league. 

“You could make a documentary about every single person who plays PDRL and fill an hour with each person.”

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