The Castleford initiative behind Dom Dyson's career

Posted: Wednesday 3rd July 2019 - 4:32 PM

Dom Dyson thought his chance of playing for the Tigers was gone when a number of severe injuries ended his run for the academy. 

However, the 17-year-old was able to use this newly created programme to bag himself a professional contract with the Super League club.    

Dyson said: “I was offered a place on the programme and there was no hesitation on my part as I knew what it was about. Category 3 (Cat 3) was helping me massively to boost my skills and confidence.”

The programme is designed for any young players who want to study and continue to practise their trade on the rugby pitch. It also provides a pathway for players who haven’t been signed on by the academy.  

Danny Evans, who is the head coach of the scholarship side, spoke about Dom and said: “He was a scholarship player and had a bad injury so we didn’t’ sign him. 

“Dom enrolled onto the Cat 3 programme. He’s accessed our facilities, worked on his skills,  strength and conditioning. He’s now back playing and we were delighted to offer him a professional contract. 

“The aim of the programme going forward is to give opportunities to people not already in the system. Dom’s a real life example.”

Dyson has already played in three games this season for the U19s. Thanks to the programme he now has a future to look forward to at Wheldon Road. 

The youngster spoke in more depth about the Cat 3 programme and added: “It’s basically a BTEC course which you do two days a week and three if you’re behind. We do it up at Airedale Academy with the 6th Form. 

“We spend six hours two days a week there and then two days a week we have training sessions. You’re still learning BTEC sport as part of this initative, I really like it. Other people prefer apprenticeships and maths but I like the human body and I enjoy the training sessions.”

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