Prince Of Wales Hospice Visit

Posted: Thursday 13th December 2018 - 2:53 PM

The Tigers players are actively involved with both fundraising, and supporting campaigns throughout 2019. Building on the success of the previous two years, the players once again took a day out of their busy schedules to come down to the Hospice.

During their visit, the lads got their hands dirty and built marquees for the hospice's Light up a Life service. They also visited patients on the ward, and joined in with the Outreach patient Christmas party, taking part in the Christmas quiz and other activities. 

Incare patient, Terry, received a special visit in his room, he said; “I’m a big rugby fan but not a Castleford fan. I support Featherstone their arch rivals. I was talking to the manager because he left Featherstone to go to Castleford. I said why did you leave us in the lurch.”

Speaking on the Day, Tigers player, Grant Millington said; “I’ve been here previous years, and it’s actually one the boys look forward to. To a lot of the boys it doesn’t seem like much, but just our presence can make someone’s day better and possibly their Christmas.

I’ve been in the quiz trying my best, everyone had a good laugh and there was a bit of banter between everyone.  Spirits were high in there and hopefully they can stay that way over Christmas.  

You see how much work goes on here, a lot of people have a good Christmas and a good life, and you can be sheltered from a lot of the stuff that other people are going through, so this is a cause that’s definitely a great one, especially over Christmas.  If you can give to the Hospice at all and make other peoples time a little better, I think it’s a great thing that people could do.”

Talking about the Outreach Christmas party, Activities Co-ordinator, Jo Lister, said; “Christmas fun days are always a really positive experience and it’s great for all the different Outreach groups to come together and enjoy having time back at the Hospice. 

It definitely hotted up this afternoon when the Castleford Tigers players arrived, and the volume levels went through the roof! It’s great that the players get so involved with the patients. They got really competitive at the quiz, but it was a patient who was crowned the winner.  

Patients loved having their photos taken with the players, and enjoyed chatting with them, it was a lovely afternoon for everyone involved.”

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