Injury update

Posted: Thursday 3rd May 2018 - 11:04 AM

The long winter conditions, training on 4G indoor pitches, playing in boggy conditions, there are lots of elements that affect how a team train and play. Speaking to Tigers TV yesterday Matt said:

“You get these freak injuries in Rugby League and we’ve picked up a couple in recent weeks, but every club goes through this. The wet weather and cold weather has stayed with us about a month longer than it normally does and we’ve trained on 4G pitches quite a lot. It has affected how we play and train.”

We know fans are keen to know what’s happening to our injured boys so here’s an update from Matt Crowther.

Luke Gale
“Luke’s is a freak injury. Luke took a knee on knee clash from probably the biggest player in Super League Pauli Pauli on Friday night. It was a clash of knees, and he’s ended up with a slight crack in his patella which is his knee cap, and a little bit of cartilage damage behind that knee. He had surgery on Wednesday and this will keep him out of action for probably three months.”

Alex Foster - Ben Roberts - Nathan Massey
“These three are more minor and the trio might be out for three to four weeks. Nathan Massey’s was a shoulder injury during minute one against Wigan and he played a lot minutes with that shoulder injury. Alex Foster again went back on with a little bit of a calf niggle, so we made the decision to keep him out against Wakefield on Friday night. Benny Roberts tore his calf in training and this will keep him out for about a month.”

Greg Eden
“Unfortunately for Greg this has been ongoing for him since last year. This year with the muddy grounds he picked up a real hamstring low grade injury which doesn’t keep players out for more than a few weeks usually. He came back and re-injured that hamstring again against Huddersfield and unfortunately, it’s the location of the injury that is causing us a lot of problems. He’s obviously having the best care and we are doing our best to get him back on the field. From Greg’s perspective he is that much of an explosive player that we have to take a lot of care with his return this time.”

James Clare
“This is another freak injury. Sticks twisted his knee and it just looked like a sore joint line. We sent him for a scan and x-ray, and he didn’t particularly want to go, but we found out he had a fracture in his tibial plateau which is an injury you just don’t see very often.

Tuoyo Egodo - Cory Aston
Both have picked up injuries while out on loan. Tuoyo tore a calf muscle playing for Newcastle and Cory’s was an MCL injury while with Sheffield and he missed 5 weeks. Both are now back in full training. Cory played for Sheffield at the weekend and he came through that match unscathed which was good for Sheffield and good for us.

The Tigers are back in action this Saturday when they take on Hull FC at the KCOM Stadium with a 5:00pm kick off. Click here for ticketing and travel details.

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