Steve Weston announced as our new Head of Academy

Posted: Tuesday 26th December 2017 - 1:37 PM

Weston, who is also the head coach of Dewsbury Moor women's team, will take charge of the U19s and work closely with our current head coach, Lindsay Anfield, to build a strong set-up at the club. 

The new academy side was created in order to give players a pathway through which they can progress. It's also part of our long term plan to build a strong foundation at the club.

Open training sessions will be held in February for the new U19s side with more details to come in the coming weeks. 

Weston is delighted to have secured the position and said: "I think its a fantastic opportunity. I brought one of my players down, had a chat to Lindsay and before I knew it, I was here."

Dewsbury Moor women's team, who are currenlty managed by Weston, are top of WRLA's Division Two and are unbeaten since the new season began.

You can watch the full interview with the new head of academy on our YouTube page by clicking on the following link...

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